Terms & Conditions

JiBAL official agent for Samsung Mobile in Iraq guarantees you the entire device for one full year according to the following official conditions:


  1. Warranty includes full device switching when needed for opening or repair within the first seven days from the date of purchase only, and the replacement does not include faults caused by a defect in the program or in the configuration, but re-installation of the software for the device.
  2. Warranty includes replacement of broken parts after the first week of purchase of the device and for a full year.
  3. WARRANTY DOES NOT INCLUDE DAMAGES due to high or low voltage or exposure to liquids, moisture, breakage and burning or use of non-original charger.
  4. The device shall be released from the warranty in case it is opened or updated outside the maintenance centers of the official JiBAL company.
  5. Please bring your purchase receipt when visiting maintenance centers.
  6. Warranty includes one year for the device, and for the device accessories six months.
  7. For more information, please call our Customer Care Center at 07802338888.